Employment programs and accelerated skills development skills to alleviate suffering career.



"Ministry of Labor has programs ...

The unemployed who have no income. And victims are. To help us more then. "

 Employment programs and accelerated skills development skills to      alleviate  sufferingcareer.                                                                                                                                                                                            


     Ms. Sira SittaPanich Phitsanulok workers revealed that the Ministry of Labor in fiscal year 2553 budget was allocated to emergency projects, employment and skills development to alleviate suffering skilled professional workers to the office of Phitsanulok is 2,000,000 baht, with project assistance activities. Employment activity is urgent. To victims of natural unemployment and no income and who have professional involvement. Have a job with a temporary employment in tasks. Related utility. Cleaning or repair buildings where damage from natural disasters. Or other employment has been approved by the Board of Directors Help victims of natural provincial Ministry of Labor. Wage each 150 baht / day period not exceeding 20 days and develop skills activities. To professional training to victims of natural disasters, the unemployed have no income and who have professional involvement. In various professions to improve the repair of agricultural tools to public and independent professions. The training curriculum based on the needs of local people. And labor market needs. The visitors will receive training allowances paid to training, each 120 baht / day training period not exceeding 30 days.

                  For details visit. Office workers, Phitsanulok. Class 3 town hall              Tel.05,524 8075-6